What Clients are Saying

I feel so much better with a plan.  The boys are much more relaxed, too. Later in the day that you were here, after we cleared the table etc., my son kept saying how organized the house is, and he said “this makes me feel happy”.  That’s encouraging, and makes me want to get to where my home and life are more manageable, and I feel like I’m finally on my way!
– Debbie, Pittsburgh, PA


Lynn is a respected and highly valued professional resource to us as a couple.  She is
gifted, competent, professional, and hands on.  She works with us with craft and skill.  Her personal maturity, practical experience, and sensibility are exceptional.  She is very planfull and tailored in customizing her work to fit our need and possibilities.  She possesses an extraordinary understanding and perceptiveness of human behavior and what we both really need and require, not only in the organization of our physical environment but in how that impacts our relationship with one another.  We are better off personally and as a couple having her in our lives.  A very wise, empathetic, and effective professional.  I recommend her without reservation.                                                                                             
-Rick, Ligonier, PA


Lynn Dubinett of Dubinett Organizing Solutions came into my home and in just a few hours was able to help me organize all of the paper that had been sitting in stacks around my kitchen.  She was able to help me create an action file where everything has a place, and I am happy to say that several years later I am still using the same system.  It was definitely time well spent!
-Kerri, Pittsburgh, PA