The Power of a Kitchen

Image result for powerKitchens.  Small, large, residential, commercial, kitchenettes.  For every house that I have worked in, the kitchen was or is the most depended upon room.  We cook, we chat, we host, we eat.  A kitchen is a place of opportunity.  It’s where memories are made, families are strengthened, kids connect with their parents, friends chat, and the senses come alive.  The opportunity is there to create a kitchen that functions but unfortunately, for many, that opportunity is never seized.

The power of the kitchen.  I’m sure we all have heard the statistics of how powerful eating together as a family can be.  Study after study shows that with eating dinner together comes: reduced stress, reduced drug and alcohol use in kids and teenagers, mentally healthier kids, physically healthier kids, less eating out which is easier on a budget, better grades, and better social skills.  With all these, it’s easy to see that the kitchen is a REALLY important room!

The right tool for the job.  Here’s the problem.  Everyone is really busy.  After school activities use up a lot of time, and with those after school activities come moms and dads who are buying the gear, transporting the kids, keeping track of the calendars, and on top of all that, working.  So how do you make dinner on top of all of that?  You make sure you have the right tool (the kitchen).  And you make sure the tool is in shape to do the job (organization).

My point is this.  If having dinner together is shown to have positive effects on kids and families, and having dinner together (without breaking the budget) is dependent on you cooking it, then shouldn’t you take steps to increase the likelihood that you will cook?  By the way, by getting and staying organized, you’ll be modeling those skills to you kids; teaching them skills that they can use their entire lives, and positively affect the lives of their loved ones.

That’s powerful stuff!

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