Getting Organized Takes Courage!

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It takes courage to get organized!  That sounds like an overdramatic statement doesn’t it?  It’s true though.

Getting organized requires something that many people struggle with when it comes to their relationship with themselves.  Authenticity.

Being stuck is an icky place to be.  It happens to everyone in varying degrees.  I believe that people who have been stuck for a long time, are so because of an experience or an expectation.  Some experiences are traumatic, some wonderful.  Some expectations are realistic while some are not.  What these experiences and expectations have is power.  So much power in fact that they have the ability to make us feel lost, like in the case of a death of a loved one, or ecstatic, like in the case of falling in love.  Similarly, expectations, when they’re not examined honestly, have the power to make us feel weak and defeated; or some may make us feel hopeful and excited.  To get unstuck requires an honest look at experiences or expectations.  Negative experiences preventing someone from getting unstuck may need to be processed with the help of a professional, like in the case of a death or traumatic event.  If an experience is positive, sometimes feelings of elation can be intoxicating that one forgets to maintain systems altogether.  Often, a gentle reminder that, while maintenance can be boring and require slowing down, it is critical.

Once these experiences and expectations are processed, and if necessary, the amount of space in our heads we allow them to take up adjusted, we are better able to see if our possessions are reflecting our genuine selves.

Here’s a secret: the most difficult part of organizing has absolutely nothing to do with the stuff but instead it has to do with the looking inward and right-sizing our expectations and experiences.  Tough work but necessary work if we want to get unstuck and continue to grow.

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