Containers, containers, everywhere!

Image result for plastic storage containersI have a love/hate relationship with containers.  My consumer side LOVES containers!  There are so many sizes, shapes and COLORS to choose from!  Put me in a store with a container section as a consumer and I am a happy lady.  But, put me in a store with containers as a professional organizer who specializes in Chronic Disorganization and Hoarding and I see containers in a very different way.

The clients I work with often have a lifelong history of disorganization.  By the time I come into the picture, they have tried repeatedly to get organized only to be right back where they started, and very often, with more clutter.  This is where the container comes in.  In each attempt of organizing, there lies a cycle that goes something like this:  Disorganization causes negative event – person says, “enough is enough, I have to get organized!” –  person goes to store and buys containers – person gets home with containers and begins “containerizing” – person gets confused, frustrated, distracted, bored, stuck – person throws containers into a bag, bag gets thrown in corner -bag sits in corner until next negative event.  Negative event occurs – person says, “enough is enough, I have to get organized!” – person either forgets about the containers sitting in the bag in the corner and buys more containers, or person decides they bought the wrong type of container last time so they buy new, different, BETTER containers- person gets home with new container specifically designed for things that person knows most definitely are owned -person begins to containerize only to realize that specialized container is too long, short, deep, shallow, thick, thin, heavy, light, flimsy, or just not cute- person uses containers that “kind of” work, others are thrown in bag which gets thrown in corner with other, older containers that were bought last week, last month, last year.   VOILA!  Lots of time and money spent, very little organization achieved, container company: happy!

So how do you stop this cycle?  Enter the professional organizer educated and trained in Chronic Disorganization.  Moi. Why?  Because I know the answer does not lie with the container.  The work I do with my clients has very little, if anything to do with containers. In fact, the container is the last thing I think about!  My job is not to move your stuff around, then go buy you more stuff so that I can put the stuff that I moved around into the stuff that I just bought.  Anyone can do that!  My job is two-fold.  First, I learn about you and what impact disorganization has had on you, your family, career, relationships, finances, health, etc.  Disorganization’s effect is so far reaching that this barely skims the surface.  The second aspect of my job is to design a solution that will transition you from disorganization to organization.  In order to do this, I work to discover your strengths and weaknesses, examine your habits, look for positive and negative patterns, watch your energy levels, read non-verbals, challenge and encourage you, and hold you accountable.  It’s because of this approach that my solutions have staying power.  Containers are supportive of my solutions; they are not THE solution.


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