Compulsive Hoarding

Lynn has appeared on Hoarding Buried Alive and A&E’s Emmy® nominated show, Hoarders.


Lynn led a team of organizers on what would prove to be the worst hoard I had experienced to that date.  Lynn’s proficient skills, allowed me to focus on the multiple layers of the project without concern for the organizing process and progression.  I trusted that the organizing aspect of this job would be completed.  Because Lynn is a respected professional organizer, I would be delighted to work with her again.  

– Mat Paxton, Extreme Clean-up Specialist


Lynn was able to move forward with the client when she was extremely anxious.  Lynn used her experience, training, compassion, understanding, and natural intuition to move the project forward at a point when I needed a break.  To have these skill sets and talents for working with compulsive hoarding clients makes Lynn a true professional and I would welcome working with her again.  

– Mark Pfeffer, Director of the Panic/Anxiety Recovery Center in Chicago