Anchored Organizing

Getting organized takes hard work.

Many people think that to be organized means having the right containers so that everything looks neat and uniform.  A reasonable assumption based on the cover pages of home magazines.  Today’s supermodel is the perfect home.

Somehow we’ve moved from functional organization to specialized containerizing.  The perfect use for the perfect product.  Here’s the problem with that framework: Being organized is not about being neat and pretty.  Being organized is about the systems in place that allow you to live a life that reflects your beliefs and values.  And that is what can make that task of getting organized so difficult.

If done thoroughly and honestly, looking at possessions from the perspective of values and beliefs often reveals those things with the word “should” attached to them and “shoulds” are draining.  By challenging the should and asking if it aligns with your values and beliefs, decisions to keep or let go are often come more easily.

Creating an organization system based on values and beliefs provides anchors.  Just like the anchor of a ship helps A ship stay firmly and persistently within a fixed circle, so do organizing systems.  And just as the length of the anchor line determines the circumference of the circle; identifications of beliefs and values determine the boundaries for retention, storage, rules for maintenance.

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