Organized: Defined

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An organized life requires a look at organizing beliefs.  It’s a good idea to discuss this prior to any work.

Here’s an example…

I met a young mother who wanted to get organized so she could have visitors without feeling ashamed because of the condition of her home.  When I inquired about her beliefs of what it means to be organized, she defensively explained that she would not spend time “cleaning” while her kids played outside.  Instead, she wanted to be with them.  She saw organizing as an intrusion on her family time.  What she didn’t realize was, getting and staying organized does not have to violate the boundaries of family time.  Getting and staying organized can be re-defined by her so that it fits her life.  Redefined, getting and staying organized is an investment in family time; it allows for dinner to be eaten at the table together and decreases stress for the entire family.  An organized home is a source of pride for the entire family; a contrast to the source of shame their previously disorganized and cluttered home had become.

That simple redefining ignited her motivation and gave her the new focus she was looking for.  Today she is living within her new boundaries and her family is thriving.

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